Hotting Up Your Classic Car

More Go, Less Woe!

Here at Last, Forgotten Information from the 1930s


Discover how forgotten techniques of the 1930s can give you ‘more go, less woe’, from your 1930s or 1920s classic car with side-valve or overhead-valve engine.

Here are facts and methods forgotten for decades, now re-discovered and presented here in this unique ebook. This information has possibly never been available in the United States before!

Know how to improve your classic car’s performance and fuel economy at a budget you can afford! Be knowledgeable when you talk to mechanics and engineers about modifying your classic car’s engine.


Get the Most Performance from Straight-Eights like this Auburn!

Where Else Would You Get All This Information in One E-book?

  • How to Tighten Cylinder Heads

A universal guide for tightening side-valve or overhead valve cylinder heads in the right order. No more guesswork. Banish leaks in your head gasket. Even save your cylinder head from warping!


  • How to Plane and Smooth Metal Surfaces WITHOUT High-Tech or Expensive Equipment

Just 3 common materials and simple tools let you polish out minor unevenness from your cylinder head base…gets that surface smooth and ultra-flat…prepares the foundation for a perfect fit for your thinner head gasket.


  • 3 Methods of Raising Compression Ratios

Higher compression ratios mean greater efficiency. Greater efficiency brings a DOUBLE BONUS of more power and greater fuel economy. Choose the best method of raising compression for your project and be sure to use a proper spring compressor like this one – or use more than one method.


  • Adjusting Valve Timing

“Hotting Up Your Classic Car” doesn’t just show you HOW to adjust timing but also explains the reasons WHY to adjust as recommended.


  • 3 Methods for Measuring your Engine’s Displacement

Accuracy – without rare or expensive tools. Calculate your engine displacement using a step-by-step guide through simple formulas. It’s algebra made easy.


  • The Common Metal Whose Use in Car and Truck Engines can Increase Power and Fuel Economy by 20-30% over Cast Iron!

Its use has been largely forgotten (and it’s NOT aluminium.)


  • Smoothing and Lining-up Engine Ports

Improve that all-important gas flow into and out of your engine.


  • Customising Rotary Grinders for Smoothing Induction Pipes and Intake Manifolds

Build or modify your own tools for engine works. Also use Dremel-like small tools for accurate grinding and polishing.


  • When to Use Mushroom Tappets Instead of Roller Tappets

Avoid mistakes which may prove troublesome in the future. Profit from the years of experience revealed in “Hotting Up Your Classic Car”.

You Could Save $100s, Perhaps $1,000s on Your Engine Re-Build


Buy “Hotting Up Your Classic Car” for $19.95* and avoid making costly mistakes! Use the advice to prevent expensive repairs and unnecessary modifications.

* Special introductory price of $14.95, until offer ends.

Uncover techniques you can do yourself in your home workshop or garage with simple tools. You can spend less money on outside services and better target what you do spend. Better, you could give yourself a higher-quality result than one you might have paid for!




Bonus List of 1930s Cars with High Compression Heads as Optional Equipment


Which American and British manufacturers offered High Compression Heads that are provided guide to used car maintenance . Either as standard equipment or optional alike, Click here or we tell it here.

  • Packard –all the Eights, the Six and even the Twelves!

  • Chrysler – Sixes and Eights!

  • Buick – Eights!

  • Auburn – Eights and Twelves!

  • DeSoto – Sixes!

  • Dodge – Sixes!

  • Cadillac – V8s, V12s and V16s!

  • Hudson – Sixes and Eights!

  • Terraplane – Sixes!

  • Graham  - Six and Supercharger Six!

  • Nash – Twin Ignition Sixes and Eights!

  • La Salle – both V8s and Straight 8s!

  • Plymouth – Sixes!

  • Studebaker – Sixes and Eights!

  • MG – Magnettes and Midgets!

  • Triumph Glorias!

  • Wolseley Hornets!

  • -and Others

Hudson Offered High-Compression Heads for Cars like this 1929 Essex

These tables give the make, model, model year, number of cylinders, piston bore and stroke, compression ratios and brake horsepower output! Exact horsepower – even for alternative, high-compression heads – from Buick, La Salle, Hudson/Terraplane, all the Chrysler products and some other makes. See the information some manufacturers were reluctant to part with.

Print these valuable tables out and take them with you to Hershey or your regional parts meet. Know what to ask vendors there – be the authority on alternative compression heads for your cars!

Get the Information the Professionals Use

It’s the inside information the professionals use – and used – when your pre-war classic was new.

To find this information by yourself would take you on a quest to dusty libraries – and no guarantee of success. Here in one e-book is the inside information on “Hotting Up Your Classic Car”, written by an authority on auto engineering.

Learn from the knowledge and experience of George George, AMIE, MSAE, MIAM, FIC. Formerly Motoring Editor of the Sydney Daily Telegraph; Mr. George was Official Handicapper to Sydney’s legendary Maroubra Speedway.

Educational positions held by George George include: being a former Director of Technical Education and Manual Training for the Auckland Province, New Zealand; and an Associate in Science of the Merchant Venturers’ Technical College, Bristol, England (School of Engineering at Bristol University).

Other educational posts held by Mr. George include Headmaster of the Sutherland Technical Institute, Longton, Staffs, England, etc.



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