Driving an Antique Racing Car – 1909 S.C.A.T. 25/35 hp Targa Florio ‘Near-Replica’

1909 SCAT 25/35hp Replica Racer

Driving a Vintage Racing Car – 1909 S.C.A.T. 25/35 hp Targa Florio ‘Near-Replica’ “I chose to restore my S.C.A.T. after the Targa Florio style,” said Malcolm Garthon. “After doing some research, I found a reference to my engine being a Targa Florio model. That’s the same as was raced there.” Because his S.C.A.T. was a [...]

Red Road Warrior – 1909 S.C.A.T. Targa Florio Racer Replica

1909 SCAT Targa Florio replica racer

An Edwardian Era Road Warrior – 1909 S.C.A.T. 25/35hp Targa Florio Racer Replica     ‘Scat’ is that language that jazz singers sing when they’ve run out of lyrics or are improvising. ‘Scat’ can also indicate a sexual practice that would repulse most people. Not wanting to soil our pristine pages here, I won’t elaborate [...]