Clement-Bayard: The Man Behind the Chevalier

1912 Clement-Bayard 8hp 4-cyl 4M2 roadster

In response to the ‘Chevalier’s Roadster’ article, Martin Shelley contributes some inside information from owning a Clement-Bayard roadster, and visiting the factory and dwelling of Gustav-Adolphe Clement himself. This little Clement-Bayard is undoubtedly a fine example of a fine car, probably an 8hp four-cylinder or a 7hp twin, not the larger 10/12hp, although the rear [...]

1911 Clement-Bayard – The Chevalier’s Roadster

1911 Clement-Bayard roadster.

1911 Clement-Bayard – The Chevalier’s Roadster Highlights from the 2012 Motorfest, Sydney Named for a famous knight, the Chevalier de Bayard, a French hero from the age of chivalry, and also named after Gustav-Adolphe Clement (the manufacturer), the Clement-Bayard was a high-quality small car, built in Mezieres, France. Clement (the man) had left the Clement [...]