Vintage Cars of ‘The Great Gatsby’ – Lincoln Model L

1922 Lincoln.Model L sedan - a fine car but boring.

What Cars Would Jay Gatsby Have Really Bought? A 1919-1921 Shopping List by Igor Spajic LINCOLN MODEL L A quality car built to Henry Leland’s famously fine tolerances, the Lincoln Model L was nevertheless a boring car. Despite a reasonably strong 81 bhp from its unusual 60° V8 engine, the debut cars were hobbled by [...]

1912 Cadillac 30 Demi-Tonneau – Death of a Friend and the Birth of the Electric Starter

1912 Cadillac Thirty 40-50hp Demi-Tonneau

Highlights from the Concours d’Elegance Australia 2010 This maroon 1912 Cadillac 30 demi-tonneau touring car brought plenty of antique character to the inaugural Concours d’Elegance Australia. More importantly, this car represents a historic turning point in the story of Cadillac and of the automobile itself. By Igor Spajic This Demi-Tonneau is a cut-down, ‘sportier’ version [...]