1909 S.C.A.T. Mont Ventoux style racer

Another look at the 1909 SCAT Mont Ventoux racer. Photo courtesy Martin Shelley.

1909 S.C.A.T. Mont Ventoux style racer Former owner Martin Shelley tells of his experiences with a 1909 S.C.A.T. racer restored in the style of the 1909 Mont Ventoux car.   “I owned the SCAT for three years and had a lot of fun with it.  It had been found in the late 1980s on a [...]

Red Road Warrior – 1909 S.C.A.T. Targa Florio Racer Replica

1909 SCAT Targa Florio replica racer

An Edwardian Era Road Warrior – 1909 S.C.A.T. 25/35hp Targa Florio Racer Replica     ‘Scat’ is that language that jazz singers sing when they’ve run out of lyrics or are improvising. ‘Scat’ can also indicate a sexual practice that would repulse most people. Not wanting to soil our pristine pages here, I won’t elaborate [...]