“The Great Gatsby” Remake: Does Daisy Drive a Duesenberg?

Does Daisy borrow Gatsby’s Duesenberg for her fateful drive?

In this new adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, it appears that Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) tools around in a Duesenberg dual-windshield phaeton. Since such a car is today a rare and highly valuable collectible car, the producers wisely secured the use of a pair of excellent substitutes: the Duesenberg II replicars.

She Drives a Duesenberg Advert

The ultimate in low-key advertising. Of course, ‘She Drives a Duesenberg’.

These are replicas built in the 1980s, using modern mechanicals. Duesenberg IIs were made to such an exacting standard of authenticity that the cars are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. (More in a previous post in Vintage Car Heritage.)

The first film version (starring Robert Redford in the title role) had Daisy (Mia Farrow) driving Gatsby’s Rolls-Royce Phantom II tourer.

How well will Leonardo DiCaprio play the part of the troubled millionaire? He’s been taking on increasingly meaty and mature roles (J. Edgar Hoover most recently), since ‘Titanic” re-defined his film career. Our guess is that with the right direction and screenplay, DiCaprio will shine again, as he has done with other ‘historic’ characters, like Howard Hughes in “The Aviator”.




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