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What Cars Would Jay Gatsby Have Really Bought?

A quiet interlude between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.

A quiet interlude between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.

A 1919-1921 Shopping List by Igor Spajic

Cars from car-makers on the way out –


Another also-ran by 1920 was Winton. Again, a pioneer of the auto trade in America, Alexander Winton’s imperfect product led to the Packard brothers building their own car in 1899 and their own car company thereafter.

Winton always built luxury cars and settled on the usual 48hp size of six-cylinder engine. A number of forward advances, such as a self-starting system based on compressed air were offered, but the overall flavour of Winton cars was one of conservative, side-valved sixes with clean though plain styling.

1919 Winton Six Ad

Keeps you comfortable in the cold – 1919 Winton Six closed cars ad.

Despite a lacklustre attempt at a sporting model, the 4-passenger Sport Car tourer, Wintons were mostly assembled as sedans and limousines. In fact, Wintons were almost devoid of character. In short, Winton were the perfect chassis on which to build a hearse. This was hardly good marketing for the Roaring Twenties.

1920 Winton Six Limousine

Are you a stuffed shirt? Then ride in a 1920 Winton Six Limousine.

Winton was still building their L-head, six-cylindered cars into the Twenties, until finally closing up by 1924 to concentrate on marine diesel engines.

A Winton would not have been a serious consideration of Jay Gatsby.

The Winton Company

Winton Six

1919 prices – $3,850 – $5,100

1919 Winton Six 48 Limousine

Conservative not innovative – 1919 Winton Six 48 Limousine.


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